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Institutions: Adaption and Maximizing Internal Traits

Institutions have a profound influence over the lives of the individuals they govern.  However, the public rarely talks about them or understands the concept of institutions.  I would like to speak about the importance of institutions from the left-libertarian perspective, … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Collectivism: Social Body, Philosophical Collectivism, Institutional Collectivism, Communalism

Left-libertarians tend to use “collective” or “collectivism” in a number of distinct and perhaps idiosyncratic ways which could be confusing to someone new to the subject.  Below, I’ve tried to distinguish between the different types of collectives.  As far as … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of Power and Authority

There are a number of definitions for the word power such as the kinetic power in physics that propels an automobile or lifts a hundred pounds.  When left-libertarians use the word power, they are usually referring to social power.  Social … Continue reading

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Introductory Notes

This blog is my temporary home for what will be The Institute for Left Libertarian Studies (ILLS).  I’m hoping that ILLS will be a sort of online school for left-libertarians with a major emphasis on teaching introduction material in left-libertarian … Continue reading

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